~ Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Inspiration-Chaser, and Lover of cupcakes and kale  🙂


I believe…  Nourishing your Body, and Inspiring your Soul, are key components in maintaining optimal health and happiness

What “inspiration” means to me:  “Inspire” is my word… it’s my purpose, it’s what drives me, and it’s why I am where I am today.  I believe two of the best feelings in the world are: to inspire, and to be inspired. It is through inspiration that I hope to help others heal and grow from the inside out 

My Food Philosophy:  “Nourish & Be Kind to your body. Fuel it with delicious, beautiful, colourful, whole foods, mainly plants, and do so with Love”

My background:  

My friends and family can tell you that I have been all over the map with my interests, hobbies and professions.  But they all led me back to a common theme …helping others heal.  My journey started out in University majoring in psychology.  I loved learning about the human mind, and wanted to help people with serious mental health issues.  I then transferred into the Law and Criminology program where I was fascinated by how the criminal mind works and the motives behind a person’s actions. I wished that I could somehow connect with these people and help . I was intrigued to learn that diet and food could have an affect on the mental state of the people committing these crimes.  I had a dream to help wrongly accused persons who were stuck in the system, as well as help change the meal plans within the jails and prisons.  I graduated with a BA in Legal Studies, and instead of chasing my dream to change the world; I decided to become a Law Clerk.  Although my job was very demanding and rewarding at the same time, I always felt that there was something missing.  That “something” that made me feel alive and gave me purpose! I took various courses here and there, but none seemed to feed my passion.

I was always so focused on trying to help everyone else that I forgot to take time to help myself.  I knew that my diet was poor; I suffered from constant migraines; had attention problems; and suffered with stomach issues, for years.  It all started to change after a friend of mine moved into my apartment.  She was a fitness model, and when preparing for a fitness competition she ate a very “clean” diet.  I decided to follow the diet program along with her, as she would just about attack me if you ate anything, like chocolate, within her site.  I also joined her at the gym and started working out.  Well, the most unexpected thing happened.  I felt fabulous!  My health issues were all starting to fade away.  I had lots of energy and felt great.  I could not believe how making simple changes like eating healthy nutritious food and exercising could drastically change your mental, emotional and physical health.  And then it clicked…this is what I have been missing… this is the path I’m supposed to be on.  I wanted to help others feel their best as well. I knew then that I had to share this information with everyone!

My mom, a breast cancer survivor, had also realized the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. She as well had been searching for her purpose in life, and decided to come back to school with me!  We decided to attend The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and study together.  We have both received our certificates as a Certified Nutritional Practitioners.

Now we’re a awesome mother-daughter duo who love to swap recipes and share our knowledge of good health and well-being with as many people as we can.

I have continued my culinary education by taking classes through Matthew Kenney Culinary School, and completing certification courses through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and Rouxbe Plant-Based Culinary programs.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and everything I have to share with you.

With Love,


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