Raspberry Coconut Water

by Nicole
Refreshing Raspberry Coconut Water Drink

I’m always looking for new and delicious ways to keep hydrated, especially during these warm and humid summer months. Try this drink out! It’s cool, refreshing, full of flavour, and can be made with any type of fruit that you like!

I like to use frozen berries, as I usually have them on hand and they last longer than purchasing fresh ones.

Coconut water is incredibly hydrating, but the flavour can sometimes be a bit strong. The berries in this drink help to sweeten up the drink, so you can still get all of the great benefits of the hydrating coconut water.

Raspberry Coconut Water

A lovely refreshing drink to help keep you hydrated!


  • coconut water
  • handful of frozen raspberries, or fruit of your choice
  • ice cubes


  • Add raspberries or other fruit to your glass. Pop in a couple of ice cubes and fill with coconut water.
  • Enjoy!

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