A non-invasive, radiation-free way to monitor your health for both men and women.

Our main location is in Brantford, Ontario, but we travel to clinics all across Ontario. Check our website for more information and clinic locations:

By using the most advanced infra-red cameras and our patented image capture and analytical software, Thermography Medical Clinic staff can accurately measure the temperature at every single point of the human body. The role of body temperature as a very good indicator of health and wellness has been known since the time of Hippocrates, as changes of just a few degrees on skin (cutaneous or superficial) can be used as an indicator of inflammation and possible illness.

You can choose from the following scans:

  • Breast imaging
  • Half-body
  • Full-body
  • Cranial

For more information on the different scans, check out our services page here.